Save Money

Cut costs and save time by empowering the driver to issue ComChecks via our  mobile app.

Freight Tracking

Track your freight through our Electronic Logging Device (ELD) integrations or on our mobile application.


Reduce operating costs by enabling the driver via the mobile app to report in/out times, and upload PODs at a load and trip level.

Managing Exceptions

Manage your brokerage business, fleet management, and freight management using a single platform.

Accounts Receivable, Billing, and Revenue Management
  • Streamlined and automated billing
  • Get real-real time insight into your customer’s payment cycles
  • The automated and digitized paperwork process
  • Instant visibility between paid, unpaid, and overdue invoices
  • Ability to invoice the customer without starting the aging of the carrier, driver, or owner operator
  • Digitized receivables management
  • Automatically invoice the extra accessorial that accrues during the cycle of a shipment.
Accounts Payable and Vendor Management
  • Never double pay on any carrier invoice again.
  • Ability to process driver’s pay on multiple trips with a click of a button,
  • Ability to pay the carrier, owner-operator, or driver without invoicing the customer.
  • Ability to process multiple payments at once by utilizing our highly efficient vendor management tool.
  • Intelligent payment matching
  • Automatically deduct driver and carrier advances
  • Ensuring drivers are paid the right amount, every time, by calculating and reconciling loaded and empty miles automatically

Reduce your transportation costs while increasing your customer satisfaction rate.

  • Apply mass email and online bidding to increase speed and selection in the procurement process.
  • Reduce the number of calls and emails by enabling carriers to book your shipment online or via mobile app.
  • Eliminate location check calls by tracking each driver with our ELD integrations and mobile app.
  • Manage your exceptions by instant notifications about the trucks that are falling behind schedule.
  • Ability to split your loads into multiple trips while streamlining the accounting process at both carrier and customer levels.
Empower the driver with the mobile app
  • Driver status notification
  • Ability to upload paperwork at the load and stop level
  • Register the check-in and check-out times at every stop
  • Turn on/off the permission to have the driver issue ComChecks/EFS express codes.
  • Mobile app chatter that streamlines all the driver’s communication at the shipment level
  • Shipment bidding and booking right at the finger tips of the driver
    Increase the amount each asset earns by leveraging your load and fleet optimizer:
    • Automatically populates the unit on the calendar with its future empty status.
    • Automatically selects the most optimal load for all the empty assets to increase profitability
    • Automatically posts the empty trucks onto the public loaded boards
    • Instant KPI reports at a truck and dispatcher level
    • Automatic built-in controls that will help your team avoid double-booking a driver or a truck on two different loads.
    • Ability to split the load into multiple trips
    • Ability to automatically mass email your future empty trucks to your customers
    Shipment Visibility
    • Gain control over your supply chain by knowing where your freight is at all times.
    • Manage the exceptions by automatically notifying the stakeholders involved in the shipment at risk.
    • The mobile GPS tracking app empowers the driver to streamline processes and communication with various different departments in the company.
    • In addition to mobile app GPS and Geofencing, we are also integrated with multiple ELD providers to improve the tracking accuracy of your shipment.
    • Automated reports regarding the status of your shipment that go directly to your email inbox or push text notification.

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    Archerhub Founder Spins Off TMS Technology

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