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"One of the best things about Alvys is the custom reports. We can see the invoice date, and when it was delivered. It even shows when there’s a problem with one of the loads."
For more than two years our company has used this phenomenal TMS. We started growing without stress. Daily, I have an overview of my company and I see everything with one click. I recommend this TMS.
Vasilii Tipa
CEO, TVA Logistics
Alvys makes our lives much easier.

In collections, the software helps with having everything on the screen. For example, it shows every detail like what’s paid vs what’s not paid.

It also gives additional information with settlements like deductions and insurance.

RTS is integrated with Alvys, which is awesome. For example, the moment I submit a batch it’s saved and reflected on RTS instantly.
Billing, TVA
What I love with Alvys is that it’s very customizable and makes it easy to access all my information. It’s like a one-stop shop. Compared to other systems, it’s not as busy on the screen, which makes it very convenient.

I am able to create great customized reports, finding all loads that were picked up from a previous driver, all within a selected date range.
Dispatcher, TVA
Bolingbrook, IL & Plainfield, IL
Company Size:
200 Employees
Company Type:
ELD Rider
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