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"From dispatch to drivers, billing, accounting and safety, all our team members adapted quickly and well to the technology. Pretty easy to use and highly easy to cross-train on."
I would recommend Alvys to other trucking companies just based on their high level of customer service, and the vast number of integrations they have. When there was a vendor we use that they weren't integrated with, they said, "Hey, let's set up a phone call and figure it out and we'll get an integration set up. No charge to you." The high level of customization and high level of personal touch, are values that we also have as a company for Trans-Motion. One of our top values is transparency. While Alvys allows for a lot of customization so that dispatchers can only see these bits of information and billing can only see those bits of information, we've actually made the choice as a company to allow people to see all aspects of it. That's been really beneficial for us because our dispatchers can see on a daily basis how revenue is tracking what we have outstanding for billing. I find that it has really helped that kind of cross collaboration with our different departments here as well and allowed everybody to be on the same page. The customer service teams and sales folks who initially made contact with us, worked very diligently to make sure they delivered on what they promised even if it meant building specific backend integrations or workflows. They worked really hard to make sure that it worked the way we needed it to. That high level of customer service and the fact that their product is malleable and not just a cookie cutter where you have to fit into their box is something that I will definitely sing their praises on.
Alanna Reeves
Safety & Compliance Director, Trans-Motion
Omaha, Nebraska 68102
Company Size:
30 Employees and 30 Drivers
Company Type:
Hybrid (Broker + Carrier)
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