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Month: July 2022

What It’s Like Being a Freight Coordinator: Identifying Freight Classes

Working in the 3PL world, some people envy LTL coordinators, because they think they’re sitting on easy street with a fleet of trucks always ready for their freight. Others – specifically the people actually working in LTL – know better. LTL is a wild west of quoting freight, coordinating deliveries, tracking drivers, and praying for

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10 Simple Steps to Successfully Starting a Trucking Company

Written by Paul-Bernard Jaroslawski at FreightCaviar. Are you looking to start a trucking company? Maybe you need more information for you to begin the process. We are here to give you more insight into the business. The trucking industry transports 70% of all freight in the United States, generating nearly $700 billion in revenue. In

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What It’s Like Being a Freight Coordinator: Tracking Drivers

Keeping Up with Drivers is No Easy Task When I was working in the 3PL world, tracking drivers was always an adventure. If you’re already in the trucking industry, you know some of the reasons. If you’re not, buckle up. You’re about to learn some stuff. Back in my day, tracking technology was basically a

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Our New Logo: Adding Personality to Alvys

Written by: Charley Willerton-McKee, Lead Graphic Designer Some Necessary Changes Logos are a big deal. They must express who our company is in an instant, and be memorable enough to drive future growth. Additionally, if it isn’t perceived as “good design,” prepare for years of ridicule and side comments. It’s a difficult decision to reinvent

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What It’s Like Being a Freight Coordinator: Deliveries

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Making a Delivery If pickups are the most stressful times in the freight journey, deliveries are a close number two. Heck, they might be more stressful than the pickups. As a freight coordinator, deliveries can make or break you. The worst experience I ever had with a delivery involved

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How to Become a Freight Broker: A Comprehensive Guide

Written by Paul-Bernard Jaroslawski at FreightCaviar. A 14-Rule Comprehensive Guide That Will Help You Become a Full-Time Freight Broker Right now, I am going to share with you the steps and tips that are going to help you to become a freight broker. You might have questions about how the process works. Is it difficult

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