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Month: May 2022

Top 5 Best Movies about Truckers

Everyone outside of trucking has their opinions about truck drivers. Most people think that truckers are just a bunch of gritty, rough around the edges, drifters. Some of that is probably true. But those of us in trucking know the real truth: without truck drivers, the economy doesn’t exist. We wouldn’t have iPhones, TVs, fruits,

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Empower Drivers with the Alvys Driver Mobile App

The Alvys driver mobile app helps fleets stay connected. It allows you to update all load information for your drivers in real time. Gain real time visibility on where they are and whether their load has been delivered successfully with geo fencing and cutting edge OCR (optical character recognition) technology. Create an organized hub where

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How to Thrive as a Carrier in a Volatile Market

We need to talk about the state of small trucking. Spot rates are cratering, inflation is crushing consumer spending, and diesel prices are on the rise. It doesn’t seem like there is an end in sight to this volatile market. And small to midsize carriers are taking the brunt of the blow. Why do small

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Top 10 Freight Companies in the USA and How They Operate

What Exactly is a Freight Company? Freight companies move goods across the US and around the world. All those wonderful products delivered to your doorstep don’t appear by magic. They travel by different means using different types of companies. The process is complex and involves a new set of terminology. Sounds confusing right? Don’t worry,

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