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7 Common Problems Solved With Transportation Management Software

In the dynamic world of trucking, carriers and brokers face a range of challenges that affect the efficiency and profitability of their operations. Issues such as communication breakdowns, time-consuming quoting of spot market loads, delayed invoicing, and ensuring driver safety and compliance can often become major obstacles to the smooth functioning of logistics operations.


This blog will shed light on seven common problems faced in the trucking industry and detail how Alvys, a cutting-edge Transportation Management System (TMS), effectively addresses and resolves these challenges.

1. Real Time Information Across Departments: How to Prevent Communication Breakdowns

In the fast-paced world of logistics, problems often arise due to a lack of transparent communication, where crucial information about a load fails to reach the right individuals in a timely manner. For instance, when a dispatcher receives an update like a late pick-up, it is not always communicated effectively to other team members in different offices. If the dispatcher fails to promptly relay the “late pick-up” status to the team, only the dispatcher and the driver would be aware of the situation.

With Alvys, this communication gap is bridged instantly through our cloud-based centralized platform. Alvys goes beyond traditional communication channels like email, phone calls, and text. It serves as both a dynamic and static form of communication, delivering relevant information, such as the “late pick-up” status, to all relevant parties through real-time alerts as well as traditional channels.

By leveraging Alvys, logistics organizations can ensure that vital information is communicated quickly, minimizing the chances of miscommunication and enabling swift problem-solving. Alvys empowers your team with a comprehensive and efficient communication platform that improves collaboration, increases productivity, and strengthens your logistics operations.


2. Avoid Bad Quotes: How to Quote Spot Market Loads Quickly and Correctly

One problem inherent in quoting spot market loads lies in the multitude of variables involved, coupled with the time-sensitive nature of these transactions. Transportation businesses often grapple with the task of manually accounting for all of these variables while striving to deliver timely quotes.

Spot market loads demand quick quotes, but haste often leads to oversights in analysis and subsequently inaccurate or undervalued quotes. This in turn reduces profit margins, or even worse, results in lost opportunities.

Alvys presents a smart solution to this issue. Alvys has the capacity to concurrently account for multiple variables in real-time, thereby enabling the submission of accurate quotes in a timely fashion. It efficiently analyses historical lane ratesnot only from its own data but also from third-party sources. Moreover, it consistently checks and compares the historical and current load data at a lane level, which is crucial for accurate predictions and quotes. This way, Alvys delivers solutions that maximize profit margins, making it a strategic tool in navigating the complexities of spot market loads.


3. Keep the Cashflow Steady: How to Avoid Delayed Invoicing

Without Alvys, manual processes can lead to delayed invoicing and hinder cash flow. For instance, when bills of lading (BOLs) or proofs of delivery (PODs) are uploaded through various digital platforms or email, the matching and reconciliation of PODs to specific loads still rely heavily on manual efforts, resulting in wasted time.

With Alvys’ driver mobile app, drivers can now conveniently upload PODs directly at the delivery location. This eliminates the need for accountants or billers to sift through a clutter of paperwork to match them to the correct loads. As a result, valuable time is saved, and the invoicing process becomes much more efficient.

The benefits of Alvys extend beyond time savings. With faster invoicing, drivers can be paid more quickly, boosting their satisfaction and morale. Moreover, the improved efficiency of cash flow management ensures smoother financial operations.

4. One All-In-One Trucking Software: An Integrated Platform

Without Alvys, managing a load through its lifecycle often involves juggling multiple tabs and pieces of software. The constant switching between different tabs, screens, and logins can be frustrating and time-consuming, impacting productivity and increasing the risk of errors. This fragmented process can be an impediment to efficient workflow and can make even simple tasks tedious and time-consuming.

Alvys provides a robust solution to this cumbersome issue. It offers an integrated interface that allows users to execute all necessary tasks within the same window, thus eliminating the need for constant navigation through different screens and systems.

Whether it’s tracking a load, processing payments, managing drivers, or managing billing, everything is consolidated within Alvys’ user-friendly interface and accessible with just a single login. This unified approach not only simplifies the end user’s experience but also significantly enhances operational efficiency.

Through smart integrations and the consolidation of multiple functionalities into a single platform, Alvys offers a comprehensive and efficient solution that makes managing the lifecycle of a load a seamless and streamlined process, thereby reducing frustration and increasing productivity for its users.


5. Send E-Checks Easily with One Click: How To Get Rid of Double Entry

In the logistics space, it is common to enter the same information multiple times, leading to inefficiencies. For example, when issuing an E-check, one must update the Transportation Management System (TMS) with the payment amount, then input the same information into the accounting software, and finally manually type a text message to send the E-check number to the driver.

With Alvys, this tedious process is simplified, you only need a single touchpoint to complete the task seamlessly. The driver is given a budget, and enabled to instantly receive the E-check number, while the TMS automatically stores the payment amount. Simultaneously, Alvys effortlessly pushes and securely stores this data in your integrated accounting platform.

6. Pass Audits: Automated Driver Safety and Compliance

Drivers have a demanding job. It’s hard to stay on top of the compliance and safety regulations. Alvys takes care of reminders for important tasks such as medical card renewal and drug testing reminders, ensuring that drivers can focus on their core responsibilities without worrying about administrative details.

With Alvys, dispatchers are automatically alerted to remind drivers about all upcoming regulation requirements. This proactive approach ensures that drivers stay compliant with regulations and maintain their eligibility to operate commercial vehicles. Alvys goes a step further by directly notifying drivers of the need to schedule needed appointments and file necessary paperwork providing them with timely reminders and eliminating potential oversights.

In cases where a driver falls out of compliance, for example they forget to renew their medical card before its expiration or neglect to complete a required drug test, Alvys prevents the assignment of that driver to any loads. By enforcing strict compliance measures, Alvys prioritizes safety and ensures that only drivers who have met the necessary requirements are assigned to transport goods. The same goes with other safety and compliance requirements like truck inspections.

With Alvys, safety and compliance regulations are monitored, so you can ensure your assets are operating within legal guidelines, minimizing risks and fostering a culture of compliance within your transportation operations.

7. Keep the Business Moving: Fast and Easy Carrier Onboarding

The challenge faced by many brokers revolves around limited capacity to engage with a vast array of carriers. This restriction often hampers their ability to rapidly find the right carrier that offers the most suitable price, which in turn effects their ability to sustain the best customers.

Alvys steps in to rectify this problem by effectively expanding carrier networks, and making the process of onboarding new carriers quick and easy. It offers an intelligent solution to bridge the gap to a larger pool of carriers. With its automated carrier onboarding system and wide network of carriers, Alvys can both identify the most suitable carrier, and onboard them quickly. With this technology, Alvys empowers smaller brokers to compete on a level playing field with larger counterparts by granting them access to extensive carrier options. The luxury of dealing with a multitude of carriers, previously exclusive to larger brokers, is now accessible to all sizes, thanks to Alvys. This allows brokers of any size to scale at the same rate.


In conclusion, we see that a myriad of common problems in the transportation industry can be effectively addressed with the right operating system. Alvys, with its robust and integrated solutions, proves to be a game-changer in resolving issues like information breakdowns, slow carrier onboarding, lack of access to carriers, quick and accurate quoting of spot market loads, delayed invoicing, and maintaining driver safety and compliance. Embracing such advanced systems not only enhances operational efficiency but also drives profitability and growth in this highly competitive industry. As transportation and logistics continue to evolve, leveraging innovative technology like Alvys will be the key to overcoming challenges and achieving sustainable success.

Written by Ava Barnes, VP of Marketing at Alvys.

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