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Rates Widget [, 3]

What Is It?

The rate widget shows the median rate for a lane based on distance and type of trailer used for that load. That median rate is determined by rates you charged for that lane from the past 5, 15 or 30 days and includes deadhead mileage.

How it works


A second chart will be displayed that shows an aggregate median price from a collection of sources for that lane over the same period of time. This will help you determine the competitiveness of a particular price point based on the current market.*

Additionally, there will be two lines on each chart. One shows the Shipper to Carrier rate and the other shows the Broker to Carrier rate.

*Additional fees may apply

How do I see it?

You can view this item from two different pages within Alvys. First, from the load page, if you click on a specific load and the side tray pops out you can view it here:


Second, if you are reviewing one specific load the rate button is located here:

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