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What does it do?

Alvys has recently added a Trucker Tools integration, enhancing its freight management capabilities. This innovative collaboration offers brokers a reliable way to track and manage freight by providing real-time visibility at every step of the journey. Brokers can now enjoy the convenience of accurately matching freight with trucks, ensuring smooth operations from start to finish. Enhance your operations with a tool designed to bring precision and ease to the transportation process!
Please note: Currently, this integration supports real-time visibility through the driver’s cell phone number. Tracking through Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) is not supported at this time.

Easy Activation for Enhanced Operations

Here’s how to get started with Trucker Tools integration:
Access Integration Options: Log into your Alvys account and go to the Management profile section. Here, you’ll find a list of available integrations.

Select and Set Up:Find Trucker Tools in the list and choose the Subsidiary you wish to enable this feature for.

Enter Your Credentials: Enter the Trucker Tools credentials you’ve obtained beforehand. This step is crucial for linking your accounts.

For more info please watch video here

Validation and Activation: The system will verify the provided credentials. Once confirmed, the integration is enabled, and you’re ready to use the new features!

Initiating a Load Tracking Request in Alvys

To begin tracking a load, follow these simple guidelines:
Access Load Tracking: Within the load details, go to the Load Tracking TAB. Make sure the load has an assigned Carrier.

Review Settings:Check the pre-filled tracking settings that appear. These are based on your previous preferences and load specifics.

Make Adjustments:If necessary, tweak these settings to better match your current tracking needs.

Confirm Tracking:Finalize your settings and confirm to initiate the tracking of your load.

Image 4: Load details – Initiate a tracking request to Trucker Tools

Image 5: Load details – Tracking request settings

Image 6: Load details – Tracking request initiated successfully

How to Edit or Disable Load Tracking in Alvys

Updating or disabling your load tracking requests with Trucker Tools (TT) is straightforward within the Alvys platform. Here’s what you need to know:
Accessing Load Tracking: To make changes or disable tracking, navigate to the Load Tracking TAB in the load details section. Here, you will find options to edit or disable the tracking request for Trucker Tools.

Automatic Updates in Trucker Tools:

Your tracking request will automatically update in Trucker Tools when there are changes to:

  • The Stop company name
  • The Stop company coordinates
  • The Stop company address
  • The appointment time
  • The Driver’s phone number
  • Adding a new Stop
  • Splitting a Trip

Automatic Disabling of Tracking Requests:

The tracking request in Trucker Tools will be automatically disabled if the assigned carrier for the load is removed. This ensures that your tracking information is always accurate and up to date with the current status of your load.

Viewing Locations in Alvys from Trucker Tools

With the Trucker Tools integration in Alvys, users gain the ability to track their drivers’ locations in real-time, showcased within the Trip Location Tracking section. This functionality enhances the precision of monitoring and managing freight movements, empowering users to offer their customers accurate and up-to-date information on their shipments. Image 8: Load details – Trip Location Tracking from TT

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