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Introduction to Alvys’s Integration with P44

Alvys is excited to announce its latest integration with P44, a leading platform in the logistics industry. P44 specializes in load tracking and offers a comprehensive solution for managing transportation operations efficiently. With Alvys’s integration, users can seamlessly connect to P44’s services, streamlining the process of submitting location information for load tracking requests. This collaboration enhances Alvys’s capabilities, providing customers with a simplified and standardized approach to tracking their shipments.

What does it do?

Alvys simplifies load tracking requests with its integration with P44. This feature automatically submits location information in a standardized format at specific time intervals.

Setting up integration with P44

You can easily set up the integration with P44 by selecting the Visibility – TRACKANDTRACE integration type.
Note: Remember: To enable the P44 integration, simply use the same login credentials you use for the P44 portal.


Customizing P44 Preferences
Easily customize P44 settings to suit your preferences directly within the Customer Profile. Here, you can fine-tune event settings for sending location information and effortlessly manage their respective sources. This personalized approach ensures that each customer receives tracking updates tailored to their specific needs and requirements.


Managing Automatic Location Updates
Alvys simplifies the management of automatic location updates. Once the conditions for sending the initial location are met for a specific load, Alvys activates the automatic location update indicator for P44 in the Load Details section. From here, users can conveniently control the sending of updates for that load.

Users also enjoy the flexibility to disable update sending either for the specific load or at the broader Customer level by repeating the ‘Customizing P44 Preferences’ workflow above, ensuring precise control over the tracking process to align with individual preferences and requirements.

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