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Adding Dot# as a Subsidiary ID [, 3 min. read]

What does it do?

This feature enables users to fill in, get prefilled data from the FMCSA and create a new Subsidiary based on the Department of Transportation’s number that is linked with a specific Subsidiary. The Department of Transportation number, or USDOT#, is a unique identifier assigned by the Department of Transportation to entities involved in interstate and intrastate commerce for monitoring and regulatory purposes. This is pivotal for companies who are only intrastate.
The functionality is available to users for the following purposes:

Creating a new Subsidiary

When creating a new Subsidiary, users can now input the USDOT#, associated with the entity. This number is used to automatically pre-fill data from the FMCSA (Name, MC#, type, physical address, contact email and phone#), facilitating the creation process and ensuring accurate data entry. The user can change the pre-filled data at his discretion before creating a Subsidiary. Once a subsidiary is created, MC# and USDOT# are not editable. The system prevents to create a duplicate subsidiary with an existing MC# or USDOT#.

Image 1: Management profile – Create a new Subsidiary.


Updating an existing Subsidiary

For existing subsidiaries in the tenant’s list, users can add a USDOT# by simply clicking the link next to the appropriate field (USDOT#) and confirming it.

Image 3: Management profile – Add a USDOT# to Subsidiary details.

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