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Custom Reports Modifications [, 5 min. read]

Streamlined Reporting: Trips & Loads

Great news! We’ve revamped our Reports to enable users to customize their experience. Now, you will find Trips and Loads reports on separate pages, making it easier for you to access and analyze the data that matters most to you.

  • Trips Custom Report: A dedicated space for all your trip-related data. Check it out here.
  • Loads Custom Report: Tailored for a detailed view of your load data. Visit the new report here.

We’ve redesigned these pages for clarity and convenience, allowing you to switch effortlessly between Trips and Loads data.

Enhanced User Interface

In the Loads Custom Report, we’ve moved the “Import” and “Imported” buttons to the top right of the table. This new placement ensures that these essential features are always within reach.

Simplified Data Columns

To streamline your reporting experience, we’ve removed the following columns from both Trips and Loads reports:

  • Loaded Miles
  • Empty Miles
  • Total Miles

This change is aimed at focusing on the most relevant data, making your reports more concise and easier to interpret.

Improved Report Customization

We’ve also optimized our report features. The “By Trip/By Load” toggle switch is no longer necessary, thanks to our new, separate report pages. Plus, we’ve reallocated certain buttons like “Import” and “Imported” exclusively to the Loads Custom Report for better report customization. Updated column names on both Trips and Loads Custom Reports:

Current Name New Name
Paid Loaded Miles Loaded Dispatch Mileage
Paid Empty Miles Empty Dispatch Mileage
Paid Total Miles Total Dispatch Mileage
Billable Amount Customer Revenue
Billable Accessorials Customer Accessorials
External Board Rate Posted Carrier Rate
Payable Amount Driver Rate
Payable Accessorials Driver Accessorials
Pick Date Scheduled Pickup
Drop Date Scheduled Delivery
Customer Rate Customer Freight Charge
Carrier Rate Carrier Rate
Amount Paid Customer Payments
Paid Date Customer Payment Date
Due Date Customer Due Date
Funded Amount Factoring Payments
Funded Amount Fee Factoring Fee
Escrow Amount  Factoring Escrow
Sales Commissionable Amount Commissionable Amount
Last Check Call Last Check Call
Date Dispatched Dispatched Date
Invoice Date Invoiced Date
Sales Difference Gross Margin
Payable Detention Carrier Detention
Payable Lumper Carrier Lumper
Payable Late Fee Carrier Late Fee Reimbursement
Payable Other Accessorials Carrier Other Accessorials
Receivable Detention Customer Detention
Receivable Lumper Customer Lumpers
Receivable Late Fee Customer Late Fees
Receivable Other Accessorials Customer Other Accessorials
Base Rate Customer Linehaul
Fuel Surcharge Customer Fuel Surcharge
Carrier Bill Due Date Carrier Invoice Due Date
The labels on the totals displayed at the table footer have been updated and clarified for better understanding.
Current Name New Name
Billable Total Total Customer Revenue
Carrier Total Total Carrier Rate
Sales Margin Gross Margin %
Sales Diff Gross Margin
Trip Value Total Total Trip Value
Loaded RPM Avg. Loaded RPM
Total RPM Avg. Total RPM

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