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Safety and Maintenance [, 5 min. read]

Navigate to and login with your username and password. Click the Safety icon.

Alvys Safety and Maintenance

To open an existing record, double click it.

Tip:You can sort by different assets (trucks, trailers, drivers, and loads) within each section of the Safety module.

Alvys Safety and Maintenance ui

With the accident record open, you can edit the information as necessary.

Alvys Safety and Maintenance accident record

To add a new accident, click the blue “ADD ACCIDENT” button.

Alvys Safety and Maintenance ADD ACCIDENT

Click “Claim Reports” to open the “Claim Reports” tab. Here you can keep track of any claim that occurs while a load is in transit.

Alvys Safety and Maintenance Claim Reports

Double-click an existing claim to open it.

Alvys Safety and Maintenance Claim Reports

To add a new claim, click the “ADD CLAIM” button.

Alvys Safety and Maintenance Add Claim

Click “Roadside Inspection” to open the “Roadside Inspection” tab. Here you can double-click to open an existing inspection or click “ADD INSPECTION” to create a new one.

Alvys Safety and Maintenance Roadside Inspection

Click the Maintenance icon to access the Maintenance module.

Tip! You can attach files to accidents, claims, and inspections to help keep everything.

Alvys Safety and Maintenance: Maintenance module

Under the “Records” tab you can see all the maintenance records logged for a particular asset. Double-click the record to open it and get more information. Or click “ADD MAINTENANCE” to create a new record.

Tip! You can sort records by truck, trailer, categories, status, and the date the maintenance was performed.

Alvys Safety and Maintenance: Records

Click the “Totals” tab to see the totals for the maintenance on each asset.

Alvys Safety and Maintenance Claim Reports

Click an asset to expand it and see a list of all the maintenance performed.

Tip! When creating a maintenance record, you can mark the maintenance as “deductible” and link the record to a statement.

Alvys Safety and Maintenance: list of all the maintenance Records

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