Comdata [https://alvys.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Comdata.svg, 4 min. read]

To begin setting up your integration with Comdata, please make sure you have your subsidiaries setup first. Then, follow the instructions below to integrate Comdata with Alvys.

Part 1: Request Integration Credentials from Comdata

You are required to send an email to Comdata requesting credentials to connect to their web services. If you require fuel transactions to be imported you would need to indicate in the email that they generate credentials for their fuel FTP server as well.

You can reach out to your Comdata representative or regionalfleettrr@comdata.com

You should receive an excel file with credentials for webservices and a separate file with credentials for FTP fuel.

Part 2: Add EFS Credentials in Alvys

Navigate to the Management page, then find and select the blue Integrate button.

In the pop-up window that appears, click the Integration Type drop-down menu.

Scroll down in the list of integrations to find Comdata, then select it.

Fill in Credentials Based on Details below:

Alvys FieldComdata FieldDescription
Customer IdCustomer Id5 digit numeric value
Account CodeAccount Code
Sign on NameHost/Network SignOn Name
Security InfoSecurity Info
UsernameWSS SignOn Name
PasswordWSS SignOn Password
Secondary PasswordHost/Network SignOn Password
If Fuel Included
Fuel UsernameFTP User Name
Fuel PasswordFTP Password
File Prefix

Part 3: Add Fuel Card Numbers to Driver Profiles (if applicable)

Navigate to Assets page, then select the Drivers tab.

Double click any driver from the list to edit their profile.

When viewing the driver’s profile, find the Fuel Card Numbers field next their name, and click the plus sign.

In the pop-up window, add the fuel card number, fuel card provider (Comdata), and then select the applicable checkboxes if you want to deduct fuel or if fuel is discounted.

Click the blue Save button.