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SkyBitz [, 5 min. read]

To begin setting up your integration with Skybitz, please make sure you have your subsidiaries setup first. Then, follow the instructions below to integrate with Skybitz.

Part 1: Obtain your SkyBitz integration credentials

Please send an email to to request your Client ID and Secret

Part 2: Enter the Client ID and Secret in Alvys

Once you have your SkyBitz integration credentials, you are ready to configure it within Alvys. Navigate to the Management page within Alvys by clicking the Profile button in the upper right corner, then select “Management”.

On the Management page, select the proper subsidiary from the left hand side, then find the Integrations section.

Expand the ELD section of the integrations list and click on the crayon icon from the SkyBitz integration box:

This will open a dialog box where you would be prompted to enter the SkyBitz Client ID and Secret. Once those have been entered, please click the Save button:

Part 3: Add the SkyBitz asset ID to individual assets within Alvys

*Before beginning part 3, you’ll need to have your trucks and/or trailers set up in the Alvys system.

Find the Assets option on the blue Alvys toolbar, then select either trucks or trailers (depending on what you need to set up).

From the list of assets, find and double-click the particular asset you are ready to assign. This will open the Edit Asset page.

On the asset page, scroll down to find the ELD Integrations section, then click the blue Add Integration button. Then, the Add Integration pop-up window will appear.

In the Add Integration window, click the drop-down menu and select SkyBitz.

Next, enter the SkyBitz unit # in the Integration ID field:

Click Save.

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