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Docs Category: ELD/Telematics

FleetLocate [, 5 min. read]

Overview 1 FleetLocate by Spireon is a fleet management software and telematics solution designed to help businesses manage their vehicle fleets more effectively.FleetLocate offers real-time tracking as one of its core features which allows fleet managers to monitor the exact location and movement of their vehicles at any given moment using GPS technology. Requesting Credentials

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Orbcomm [, 4 min. read]

To begin setting up your integration with Orbcomm Cargowatch, please make sure you have your subsidiaries setup first. Then, follow the instructions below to integrate. Part 1: Obtain your Orbcomm Cargowatch integration credentials 1 Please send an email to to request your XML Credentials (username and password). Part 2: Enter the Username and Password

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Teletrac Navman [, 7 min. read]

Requesting Credentials Setting up the Teletrac Navman integration requires the user to have an existing Teletrac Navman Director account. To successfully set up the integration, the tenant would require the credentials for their API user: Username and Password. The information can be requested from Teletrac Navman via their support email: The email should indicate

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