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Stop Dates and Times [, 5 min. read]

Update to Stop Dates and Times

This feature update caters to different types of scheduling, particularly for stop dates and times. The new functionality for setting up scheduling details in stops is available in the following scenarios:

  • – Creating a new load
  • – Updating an existing load
  • – Adding a new stop or splitting an existing trip

Read more below.

Setting Up Scheduling in New Loads

Here’s how to use the feature update while creating a new load:

Choosing the Schedule Type: In the 4th step of creating a new load, you’ll come across the ‘Schedule type’ option. You can manually set it for each stop in ‘Order Details’ or let it auto-fill based on your ‘Company Profile-Scheduling Info’.

  • FCFS (First Come First Serve) Stops: You’ll need to specify the ‘Begin’ and ‘End Window’ times.
  • APPT Stops: Simply input the ‘Appointment Date’.
Image 1: Setting the FCFS stop scheduling type in the Load creation – Order details.


Image 2: Setting the APPT stop scheduling type in the Load creation – Order details.


Image 3: Setting the stop scheduling type in the Company profile – Scheduling Info

Updating Existing Loads

Got an existing load that needs tweaking? No problem!
  • Change the Schedule Type: Easily update the schedule type for any stop. Just remember, if you don’t fill in the required details, the original schedule type stays put.
  • Leaving Unchanged: If you navigate away without changes, a friendly reminder will pop up, asking if you’re sure about keeping the current schedule.
Image 4: Updating the stop schedule type in an existing load

Image 5: Confirmation modal window

Adding New Stops or Splitting Trips

When your routes need a little extra:
  • Adding a Stop: Select the schedule type for the new stop. It can also auto-fill based on your ‘Company Profile’.
  • Splitting a Trip: Enter the date and time for the stop that divides the trip.

The Finishing Touches

All these details are seamlessly integrated into your essential documents like the Rate Con, Load Manifest, and Bill of Lading. They’re also sent straight to the Driver’s mobile app, ensuring everyone’s on the same page.

Image 7: Rate Con

Image 8: Load Manifest

Image 9: BOL

Image 10: Driver Mobile App

And that’s it! With these simple steps, you’re all set to use the new stop dates and times feature. Happy scheduling!

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