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Contract Lanes [, 5 min. read]

What Is It?

A Contract Lane, or often commonly called a Contract Rate, is the rate to move a predetermined number of loads of freight from A to B over a predetermined period of time. It’s typical that a contract’s terms are for a period of up to a year. The contract is an agreement between a shipper and a carrier, and all of the details – especially the rate – gets locked in at the time that it is arranged and signed. Therefore, the rate is not subject to fluctuation based on the market over the length of the contract. Shippers and carriers often prefer this type of arrangement because it makes business planning easier and more predictable.

What does it do?

Carriers now have the opportunity to enter information about existing contracts with their customers into the Company Profile and apply them when creating a load on a particular customer.

Create contracts and add fuel surcharge rates

Currently available to all tenants via the Contracted Lanes & Fuel Surcharges link in the right corner of the Company profile.

Added the ability to the user to create a new / edit an existing contract selected in the list.

Create Contract form.

Added the ability to the user to create a new/ edit an existing fuel surcharge rate in the Fuel Surcharge Rates table. The Fuel Surcharge Rate is added for the weekly period (Tuesday – Monday).

Apply contract calculations

When a user creates a load manually, he is given the option to select contracts for the customer, which were previously filtered based on the information entered in steps 1-5 (the contracts in the list correspond to the selected customer, addresses and dates of appointments of the entered stops – the first pickup and the last delivery).

After selecting the contract, on the Load Summary screen the user has the option to see the customer rates pre-calculations and confirm them (Line Haul+Fuel Surcharge = Freight amount).

After the load is created, the customer rate calculations are displayed in the Customer Money Box.

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