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Automated Data Entry [, 5min. read]


This feature is intended to shorten the time it takes to create a load in the Alvys TMS by extracting relevant information from customer rate confirmations to automate the load creation process. The user (eg. data entry user) would upload the customer rate confirmation from which the data would be extracted and the load creation form would be prepopulated with the information.

How it works

On the New Load form the user has the option to upload the rate confirmation. The user has two options to upload the customer rate confirmation: click to upload or drag and drop.

Only accepts PDF files.

After selecting the customer rate confirmation, the user gets a visual confirmation that the process is underway.

In the event that the incorrect rate confirmation was uploaded, the user can click the Cancel Upload to cancel the process.

Once the process is finished running, the load form will be populated with the information extracted from the rate confirmation.

The user will need to review the details and make corrections if and where necessary before confirming creation of the load.

The Invoice As field will always need to be manually selected because the software cannot decide beforehand which subsidiary/division the load is booked under. If there are any other required fields (see below) not set, the user will be alerted on the review page.


Due to the varying layouts of rate confirmations, the accuracy of the data extraction also varies. With that said, some of the required fields may not be mapped.

In cases where the Customer is not found, the user would have to manually create the customer.

There may be instances in which the stop details are not fully populated, and as such the user is expected to.

Mapped and Required Fields


Customer: Required

Billing Rate: Required

Order Number: Required

Equipment Type and Length: Required

Invoice As: Required

Invoice As: Required (Details: Pickup and delivery companies along with the address, and appointment date and time )

Reference Numbers: Not Required

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