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RMIS [,5 min. read]

RMIS allows you to validate that the carrier you are working with is in compliance. You can view their safety rating, insurance, and authority through this integration without leaving the Alvys app. You can also import the carrier’s certification status and the carrier’s payment methods.

How to Set It Up

Go to Management>Integrations>Compliance

You will input your Client ID, Password and choose which subsidiaries to apply it to then hit save. (You will need to get your credentials directly from RMIS)

Once you hit save, please let your Implementation Manager know that you have completed this step and we will take care of the rest.

Once we’ve confirmed with RMIS the set up is complete, Carriers who have been verified within RMIS will appear with a badge underneath their names in the Carrier section of Alvys. This data is updated every 10 minutes.

We will import the carriers certification status and the carrier’s payment methods.

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