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Public Load Tracking [, 3 min. read]

Alvys allows you to share the status of a load along with the current location of the equipment and check calls!

When this feature is activated, a unique URL will be generated for your subsidiary which you can share with your
customers. Customers accessing that link will need to enter their order number and see status updates for that

To activate it, a user with an Admin Role needs to:

Click the circular profile icon in the top right of the Dashboard.

Now in the dropdown box that appears, click Management.

Now you’re in the management board. Select the Subsidiary you want to enable tracking for and toggle on the Public Load Tracking switch

Now you can copy this link and share it with your customers or even embed it in your email signature.

When a customer will open this link, they will see the tracking landing page where they can enter their order number under their search field:

Once a valid order number has been entered, they will be able to see tracking and status information on that load:

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