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Built-in IFTA Mileage Calculator

Alvys automates the IFTA tax calculation process, enabling trucking companies to quickly and easily determine their IFTA tax obligations each quarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IFTA?

Trucking companies do IFTA tax to simplify the process of reporting and paying fuel taxes across the various jurisdictions in which they operate. Instead of obtaining permits and filing separate tax returns for each state or province, companies registered under IFTA only need to submit one quarterly tax return to their base jurisdiction, which then distributes the appropriate taxes to the jurisdictions where the fuel was consumed.

Trucking companies participate in the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) to streamline the reporting and payment of fuel taxes across multiple jurisdictions. They track fuel purchases and mileage for each vehicle, calculate the fuel tax liability based on fuel consumption and tax rates in each jurisdiction, and submit quarterly tax returns to their base jurisdiction.

How the IFTA reporting process works:

Recording Fuel Purchases and Usage

Trucking companies track fuel purchases and mileage for each vehicle in their fleet. This includes recording the number of gallons purchased and the miles traveled in each jurisdiction.

Calculating Fuel Tax Liability

Using the recorded fuel purchases and mileage data, companies calculate the amount of fuel tax owed to each jurisdiction based on the fuel consumption within their boundaries and the applicable tax rates.

Reporting and Payment

Companies submit quarterly IFTA tax returns to their base jurisdiction, detailing the fuel purchases and miles traveled in each jurisdiction during the reporting period. They also include the calculated tax liability for each jurisdiction.

Distribution of Taxes

The base jurisdiction processes the tax returns, collects the total tax liability, and distributes the appropriate amounts to each jurisdiction based on the reported fuel consumption.

Overall, the IFTA tax:

  • Simplifies the reporting and payment process for fuel taxes
  • Reduces administrative burden for trucking companies
  • Promotes uniformity in tax collection across multiple jurisdictions
Failure to comply with IFTA requirements can result in penalties and fines for non-compliance, making accurate reporting essential for trucking companies.
How much does the IFTA tax tool cost?

The IFTA tool is free for Alvys users, it’s included in all subscriptions to Alvys.


Integrated Data for Easy IFTA Reporting

By leveraging imported data from all of your ELD and Fuel Card integrations, the IFTA software aggregates state mileage and fuel purchases from multiple sources to quickly and easily produce a comprehensive IFTA tax report for your business each quarter.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Our IFTA software automates the way data is collected and processed. This automation eliminates the need for manual data entry, streamlining the tax calculation process and minimizing administrative burden for trucking companies.

Overall, Alvys enhances fleet management efficiency by reducing friction and providing a smoother experience for users during IFTA tax calculations.

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