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Driver Mobile App for Freight Brokers



Effortless eChecks

Alvys puts you in control by allowing you to set permission limits for eChecks. These automatic eChecks will save you tons of time. 

Streamlined Load Management

Alvys simplifies load management for your brokerage. All essential load details are accessible in the app and drivers can automatically check in and out using GPS location to enhance efficiency.

Payment Insights

Gain a clear view of driver pay with Alvys. Drivers can easily access their paystubs within the app, providing transparency and reducing inquiries.

Drivers really like the app! They can take pics of BOLs and easily upload them. They can send e-checks to lumpers with one click. They don’t need all the back and forth anymore.
Will Kalamaras, PBJ Express

Integrated Accounting

Keep your financial data organized with Alvys’ integrated accounting platform. Access payments and documents conveniently, simplifying your brokerage’s financial management.

Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Drivers can update licenses and medical cards right within the app!

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Efficient Document Management

Alvys simplifies document handling and record-keeping. Drivers can upload lumper receipts and BOLs directly from their phones. Plus, Alvys’ Smart Text AI tool collects and attaches relevant text messages to load histories, automating record updates and storage.

The Driver App is the best I’ve seen when it comes to user interface!
Aman Tamana, Tamana Truck Lines

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Tracking and Tracing

Get real-time updates on loads.

One Click Accounting

Manage payments easily with integrated software.


Operate in one digital space with one login.

Source for Truck Capacity

Alvys can help you find empty trucks quickly.

Driver Mobile App

Reduce errors with our easy-to-use mobile app.

Analytics and Reporting

Harness your historical data to improve and scale.

Load Management

See your load throughout the entire load life-cycle.

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