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Powerful EDI Trucking Software Built Directly into Your TMS

Say goodbye to third-party EDI challenges with Alvys’ built-in solution! Experience automated data syncing with zero complications. Your scorecards will soar!

Alvys’ Native EDI Benefits

  • Improve shipper scorecards and increase revenue
  • Easily onboard new shippers
  • Automatically exchange data with zero complications
  • Reduce manual data entry and associated errors
  • Save money! No more per-transaction charges from third parties

Combined with our 100+ integrations and open API, you can effortlessly connect everything you need in one place!

Modern and easy-to-use EDI trucking software.

Simplify the flow of data across your logistics network.

Powerful EDI software for trucking companies.

Easy-to-use, built-in EDI trucking software

Reduce complications and quickly onboard new partners.

Modern open API architecture

Leverage HTTP APIs, eliminating integration barriers

100+ pre-built integrations

Unmatched end-to-end partner connectivity

Accelerate End-to-End Logistics Data Flows

Third-Party EDI Providers Cause Disconnects, Delays, and Errors

Alvys’ built-in EDI software for trucking companies makes connecting with your shippers a breeze. Say goodbye to EDI headaches and hello to a more efficient and profitable future.

The integrations are really wonderful, and it's really become an interface that we can use as an all-in-one rather than having to toggle between multiple different systems in order to get the information we need.
Alanna Reeves, TRANS-MOTION

The ROI of Using Alvys' Native EDI

By using our native EDI trucking software, Alvys customers reduce overhead, accelerate turnaround times, avoid per-transaction fees, reduce complications, and improve shipper scorecards, which translates to happier shippers and higher profits.

Alvys provides complete control of EDI from an embedded central engine - rapidly resolving issues and ensuring seamless connectivity every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is the EDI activation and switching process?

Transitioning EDI to Alvys is straightforward. We handle all technical requirements – you just coordinate a transition date with partners.

How easily can I add new EDI integrations over time?

Alvys’ modern architecture seamlessly extends to new applications, data sources, and partners as your needs evolve. Adding new integrations is simple, typically taking no more than 2 days with provided communication credentials.

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