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Centralized Record Keeping

Alvys provides a centralized platform where you can maintain all safety and maintenance records. This ensures that all crucial data is organized and readily accessible.

Real-Time Alerts

The system sends real-time alerts for upcoming inspections, maintenance checks, and compliance deadlines. This proactive approach helps in preventing issues before they occur.

Comprehensive Inspection Logs

Easily log and track vehicle inspections, ensuring that all inspections are completed thoroughly and in accordance with DOT regulations.

Driver Tracking

Keep track of your drivers’ HOS and license requirements to ensure they are fully compliant with regulations.

Integration Capabilities

Alvys TMS can integrate with various telematics and IoT devices to provide real-time data on vehicle performance and driver behavior.

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Streamlined Audits

With all records in one place, preparing for and undergoing audits becomes a more efficient and less stressful process.

Alvys TMS is your comprehensive solution to ensure that your trucking company maintains the highest standards of safety, maintenance, and regulatory compliance, ultimately helping you operate smoothly and efficiently while reducing risks and ensuring DOT compliance.

If you are familiar with the dispatch module, then you can navigate the safety and maintenance module, because the interface is all very similar. Once you know how to navigate one module, you can get around others intuitively.
Alanna Reeves, TRANS-MOTION
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Driver Mobile App

Reduce errors with our easy-to-use mobile app.

One Click Accounting

Manage payments easily with integrated software.

Tracking and Tracing

Get real-time updates on loads.

Safety and Maintenance

Keep track of all requirements and inspections.

Load Management

See your load throughout the entire load life-cycle.


Operate in one digital space with one login.

Analytics & Reporting

Harness your historical data to improve and scale.

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