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Pricing for Brokers

The end-to-end solution you need to supercharge your business and book more loads.
Up to 50 loads per month
per month
Up to 200 loads per month
per month
Up to 500 loads per month
per month
Please contact sales below for a custom tailored solution.
All Pricing Plans Include:
  • Industry Standard Integrations
  • Unlimited Users
  • Digital Carrier Onboarding
  • Seamless Electronic Tendering
  • Automated Accounting
  • Advanced Lane Reporting Analytics
  • Streamlined Carrier Communication
  • Implementation and Training is Free for Most
Premium Add-Ons:
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Native EDI

Access to Alvys’ Native EDI Platform to connect all of your partners.

Smart Text

Record and organize text messages among team members, ensuring easy access to all relevant communications by the time a load reaches accounting.
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Up to 50 loads a month
Total monthly cost: $350

Alvys pays for itself.

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Trusted By

pbj Ceo face
Patrick Brown
PBJ Express
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More Profit than Cost
We reduced our overhead by 40-50%, which was a savings of about 200K per year - much more than Alvys costs. Alvys made everything more efficient. Switching to Alvys was probably the reason we stayed in business. I view Alvys not as a cost but a profit.
beardDown ceo face
Vasilii Tipa
TVA Logistics
star--filled star--filled star--filled star--filled star--filled
Phenomenal TMS, Stress-Free Growth
For more than two years, our company has used this phenomenal TMS. We started growing without stress. Daily, I have an overview of my company and I see everything with one click. I recommend this TMS.
covered Ceo face
Rob Bilcox
Covered Solutions
star--filled star--filled star--filled star--filled star--filled
Powerful Scalability and Functionality
Alvys has an amazing back-end program setup. As far as functionality, it has everything you need and more for a small, medium, or large size entity, easily exceeding hundreds or millions of revenue. Other systems don’t allow you to scale like that.

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