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Unlocking Success for Enterprise Trucking: Insights from Alvys’ CEO

Finding the Right Software

Alvys is known for its profound impact on small to midsize trucking companies, but we also revolutionize the workflows of the heavy hitters in our industry. As your trucking company grows, so do your needs, and the right software must focus on nuances that define success for larger operations. 

Below I’ll explain one of the ways we’re changing the game through native EDI.

Adapting to Change

In larger trucking operations, adaptability is paramount. Your workflows must evolve with your company. It is imperative to seamlessly unify your three most integral departments: sourcing, fulfillment, and management.

The sourcing department is really dealing with generating higher revenues from getting better freight, more quality loads, and higher rates. People have different opinions as to how to accomplish these tasks, but in my opinion, your shipper scorecard plays the most pivotal role. It’s not just about better freight and loads; it’s about sustaining a reputation for excellence, so you get repeat business.

Navigating Integrations

Contrary to the buzz around seamless integrations, most shippers are stuck in the past and cling to EDI integrations. Carriers and brokers then engage third-party providers to bridge the gap, but end up further complicating their workflows. This incongruence poses challenges for trucking companies, often requiring them to do double, or even triple, the amount of work.

If you need third-party EDI software, your TMS is failing. If you have to set up EDI exchanges in your TMS, then do the same work in the shippers’ TMS, and again in your accounting software, you are doing way too much.  

There is a better way.

Native EDI

We solved this problem by building our own EDI engine and embedding in right inside the TMS software. Sending and receiving EDI tenders is simple and quick. And because Alvys controls the EDI messages, if something fails, our engineers know right away. This proactive approach ensures that when hiccups occur, Alvys is fixing them before users even notice. By regulating the back end and front end of EDI, we paved the way for quick and painless EDI transactions.

The Bottom Line

So you might ask, why is this important? Simple – it’s about doing more with less. When you have this kind of integration, you don’t need to hire an army of people to keep that scorecard high, in fact, you will likely need less staff. Your TMS becomes your centralized hub, effectively managing the shipper scorecard for you. When you have that high score quarter after quarter, shippers end up giving you higher rates and better quality loads. So what does that translate to? Higher revenues. And that’s just one of the ways Alvys helps enterprise-level customers.

Alvys: An Investment in Revenue Generation

Not only are you getting a seamless product with over 100 integrations, Alvys will help you generate more profit. Carriers never complain about paying $150,000 or $200,000 for a truck. They’re buying that truck to generate higher revenues. It’s a revenue-generating asset. And that’s exactly how we built Alvys. To make sure your investment pays off. To make sure you generate higher profit when you plug into our software.

Alvys is rewriting the playbook for enterprise trucking, offering a roadmap to enduring success. Native EDI is just one piece of the puzzle. Alvys has incredible custom workflows for invoicing, accounting, dispatching, and more. Alvys is not just a product; it’s a partner in profit. Demo today, and let us show you how Alvys will increase your scorecards with shippers and ultimately bring you more profit.

Warm regards,

Nick Darman

CEO, Alvys

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