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Why You Need Better Trucking EDI Integrations and Technology

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected supply chain, seamless integrations are essential for companies to stay competitive. Traditional methods of outsourcing and implementing EDI (electronic data interchange) connectivity are both time-consuming and cost-prohibitive.

However, Alvys’ EDI flow simplifies the process, allowing for seamless, fast integrations. Which means great collaboration without the lag time.

We often talk about problematic information silos and how they prevent growth at scale. The key to breaking down silos is efficient data communication and transfer.

Traditional vs. Modern EDI Integrations

Traditional methods of outsourcing and implementing EDI connectivity with customers are both time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. Alvys’ revolutionary EDI communication allows for easy integrations, and ultimately more shared information, resulting in much less manual entry.


Alvys’ EDI technology enables companies to integrate with multiple software systems. Regardless of whether they are using modern APIs (application programming interface) or older, legacy systems built on EDIs.

“We saw a need for a platform to deliver breakthrough connectivity. All the data you need, from multiple sources, available in your workspace. And we want to push that data everywhere it needs to go. Seamless data in and seamless data out.”Nick Darman, Founder and CEO at Alvys

How to Save Money on Your EDI Integrations

Our technology is particularly valuable for carriers and brokers. They are often charged on a per-character basis based on the amount of data they exchange with their trading partners. Leading to an average cost of $3 to $5 per load.

Other TMS (transportation management software) often charge tens of thousands of dollars per custom integration. In contrast, Alvys includes integrations for free in our regular monthly subscription cost for all users. This approach saves carriers and brokers hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per integration. And we are always adding new partners, allowing companies to scale their business while still seeing cost savings.


Keep Your Customers Happy with Quick Data Transfer

Integrations are often the first touchpoint that carriers and brokers have with their customers. A delay or error during integration can erode trust and allow competitors to step in. Alvys’ EDI technology ensures that integrations are quick and hassle-free, enabling our clients to establish a strong foundation of trust and build long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Thanks to Alvys’ EDI technology, Alvys customers will be connected to the latest visibility and tracking services, modern rate management tools, and financing platforms that power better business. With Alvys’ EDI technology, your team can shine, without taking valuable time away from mission-critical projects. With easy integrations, you can quickly add the software you prefer to your TMS system.


Modern Protocols for a Modern World

Similar to the technology powering third-party EDI solutions, Alvys’ EDI technology supports a wide range of document types and protocols. It uses modern HTTP APIs, eliminating the need for archaic protocols like FTP and AS2 that create a barrier to entry for companies trying to integrate their multiple software systems. Beyond the EDI technology itself, Alvys provides an open API making the system much easier to extend.


In conclusion, Alvys’ EDI technology simplifies integrations and enables companies to perform their operations more efficiently. With seamless integrations, companies can easily add the software they prefer to their Alvys system. By eliminating the time-consuming and cost-prohibitive nature of traditional EDI implementations, Alvys’ EDI technology allows companies to break down silos, promote collaboration, and ultimately improve their business outcomes.

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