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The Best TMS for Asset-Based Brokerages: Unite your broker and carrier workflows in one TMS

The Challenge Facing Hybrid Carrier-Broker Companies

In the dynamic world of trucking, companies that operate as both carriers and brokers – often referred to as hybrid carrier-broker companies or asset-based brokers – face a unique set of challenges. These businesses, which may also be known as asset-lite brokers or carriers with a brokerage division, often struggle to find an operating system or transportation management system (TMS) that can effectively manage both sides of their operations. This issue is critical because the essence of being a hybrid entity is to provide efficiency and additional capacity quickly.

Alvys is a carrier-broker hybrid TMS solution that allows these types of businesses to organize their businesses on one platform. They can add unlimited users and subsidiaries at no extra cost. Every hybrid workflow is streamlined within the system including dispatch, load management, carrier onboarding, billing, compliance, and more! 

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The Solution for Hybrid Carrier-Broker Operations

In the past, carrier-broker hybrid companies had to use several different transportation management systems to manage the different arms of their business. The founder of Alvys, Nick Darman, had this exact experience before he started the company. He was running a large brokerage with an asset arm and he had to use several different TMS systems to make everything work. This led to complications ranging from unneeded double entry to wasted accounting time. He spent the next three years building the TMS solution he needed. Now it’s his calling to help other businesses scale quickly using Alvys.

Alvys: The Unique One-Stop Solution

Alvys stands out as a pioneering transportation management solution in this space. Unlike most TMS options which are predominantly carrier or broker-focused, Alvys is designed to service both functions completely and holistically. It is perhaps the only system available that allows for a near-seamless handoff between the carrier and brokerage divisions. This capability is not just a convenience; it’s a strategic advantage. When a hybrid company doesn’t have the necessary software to fulfill a contract, the ability to quickly and efficiently shift the load from the carrier side to the brokerage side can be the difference between meeting or missing a client’s needs.

Practical Application of Alvys in Hybrid Companies

The real-world application of Alvys in a hybrid setup is straightforward and impactful. For instance, if a truck breakdown occurs, a load can be swiftly transferred from the carrier division to the brokerage division. This process, which can be executed with just a few clicks in the Alvys system, would be highly cumbersome and complicated with most other TMS solutions. Such flexibility ensures that hybrid companies can leverage their dual capabilities without operational hiccups, thereby maximizing their capacity and efficiency.

Cost-Effectiveness and Business Impact

Regarding cost, the efficiency and streamlined operations offered by Alvys can lead to significant cost savings and increased profitability for asset-lite brokers and other carrier-broker hybrid companies. By reducing the time and resources needed to manage cross-division tasks, companies can focus more on their core business and client service while saving staff overhead costs.


In summary, for hybrid carrier-broker companies or those operating under similar models, Alvys is the best solution out there. Its ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between carrier and brokerage operations makes it a valuable asset in the competitive and fast-paced world of logistics. As the industry evolves and the hybrid model becomes more prevalent, Alvys stands ready to meet the growing needs of these dynamic businesses. Check out the full demo here or schedule a demo personalized to your company’s needs.

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