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Alvys Introduces Smart Text and IFTA Calculator

We at Alvys have some exciting new features we can’t wait to tell you all about!

With our Smart Text feature you can stop that phone from blowing up and wasting energy trying to piece together what happened to that load. Alvys keeps all relevant texts and communications together with the load so you can easily access that information in a snap!

Many people have to collaborate just to move a single load, and with countless different ways to communicate, it’s simply impossible to keep it all organized. Consolidation and organization is our M.O.


Next is our brand new IFTA tax calculation tool! When you use Alvys, we have your data stored already of your mileage and truck usage from the loads you processed through our platform. We allow our users to plug in their ELD provider and use all that data so we can quickly calculate the taxes. Way less friction, leading to an easier and smoother #FleetLife.

Onto our API integrations, we’re doing a mix of making them ourselves because we know we can do it better as well as taking advantage of the tech available already to the logistics industry. Sometimes building these integrations is easy, but sometimes their code isn’t where it needs to be, and here at Alvys, reliability is fundamental, so we will build and offer the service on our own if it isn’t up to our standards. Managing a large number of integrations has its challenges, but it offers a valuable network for our users, making it definitely worth it!


With all these amazing new features, what could the future hold? We want to expand further on smart text, creating something we call “integrated communications.” We’re also working on creating EDI integrations that actually maintain consistency across platforms and across users. No more wasting time correcting EDI load information. When you have everything in Alvys, there’s no need to switch platforms back and forth all day.

TLDR?; listen to our CTO explain it in this interview with @FreightWaves on their show Loaded and Rolling.

Find out more with our Demos playlist on YouTube, including our 7 Minute FreightWaves F3 Rapid Demo, or if you’re the kind of person who just wants to get your hands on it and play around, try Alvys for free.

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