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F3 Rapid Demo at Freight Waves

Revolutionizing Logistics: Alvys Takes the Spotlight at Freightwaves F3 Festival

At the Freightwaves F3: Future of Freights Festival, Alvys presented a live demo led by Jordan Kidd, Head of Product, and Emily Feliton, Head of Sales. The demo showcased Alvys’ cutting-edge TMS, spotlighting features that set Alvys apart in the ever-evolving logistics world.

As Emily highlighted in the demo, Alvys is transforming the daily operations of clients from time-consuming tasks to seamless processes that take mere moments. What’s the secret? Alvys’ commitment to providing unmatched workflows and built-in integrations. Let’s dive deeper into these game-changing features that are taking brokers, carriers, and asset-based brokers to new heights.

1. Integrations That Change the Game

Alvys’ TMS hosts a native EDI solution, and offers users over 100 integrations such as QuickBooks, Love’s, Samsara, Geotab, TCS, and more. With Alvys, these tools are put into a unified platform for easy use. According to Alaana Reeves of TRANS-MOTION, “The integrations are really wonderful, and it’s become an interface that we can use as an all-in-one rather than having to toggle between multiple systems to get the information we need.”

These integrations not only streamline operations but also provide a comprehensive workspace for users, enhancing efficiency and eliminating the need to navigate between different systems.

2. Streamlined Workflows for Maximum Productivity

Alvys was created out of necessity and a keen understanding of the challenges faced by professionals in trucking. The TMS allows users to create customized profiles for team members with specific permissions, and the dashboard provides a centralized view, enabling users to manage loads, accounting, and driver information in one cohesive space.

Alvys’ top-of-the-line workflows empower businesses to save both time and money. The ability to input information for multiple items in a single location not only boosts productivity but also ensures accuracy and consistency across various aspects of operations.

3. Alvys: For the Industry, By the Industry

The driving force behind Alvys is a team of veterans deeply rooted in logistics. This industry expertise has been instrumental in creating a TMS that truly caters to the needs of consumers. Built by trucking company owners, Alvys is more than just a platform; it’s a solution crafted with an insider’s perspective to deliver benefits to Trucking companies.

To see Alvys in action, the full video of the live demo is a must-watch. Straight from the FreightWaves stage, the demonstration provides a real-time glimpse into Alvys’ capabilities and how it can revolutionize your operations.

You can also try it for yourself by signing up for a free Alvys demo! Experience firsthand the transformative power of this industry leading TMS.

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