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Empower Drivers with the Alvys Driver Mobile App

The Alvys driver mobile app helps fleets stay connected. It allows you to update all load information for your drivers in real time. Gain real time visibility on where they are and whether their load has been delivered successfully with geo fencing and cutting edge OCR (optical character recognition) technology. Create an organized hub where all important documents are stored. For Drivers, the mobile app does everything they need: gives them all load information, creates a quick and easy system to check-in and check-out, has a record of all paystubs, and even has a place to issue e-checks!

Here’s what our customers are saying about the Alvys app:

“Drivers like the app, they use the mobile app because it’s easier to upload all the paperwork regarding each load.”

“Dispatch is time too. We can find each load in seconds, whether they are new or old. It contains all the data regarding the shipment in the system. If we need anything we just open the load. We can check the status of the trip to provide customers with answers they need.”

“Drivers learned that the app saved them time in their day, which ultimately allowed them to have more free time. They can work with ease as all the details the dispatcher needs are entered in the Alvys app. The dispatcher doesn’t have to call them (and potentially wake them up!) to get those details.

“Another area where Alvys helped TVA was billing (internal link to one click accounting). In each load you can generate E-Checks and make notes for what the expense is for. So, the billing segment of the shipment is very clear as to what we paid the driver for (lumper fee, trailer wash, etc.). We can release the invoice right away once we have all the documents/receipts uploaded in the Alvys app.”

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Supercharge your carrier or broker business with Alvys. Unlock the fragmented pool of trucks, reduce shortages, and increase visibility. Alleviate the headaches of sourcing, fulfillment, and management. Alvys is a smart, end-to-end, logistics solution. Our SaaS platform scales for small and enterprise freight businesses.

Here is a list of what you can do with Alvys, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Save 30 minutes of time per load
  • Add trucks and scale with ease
  • Intuitive, automated workflows
  • Drivers can issue Comchecks and EFS checks for lumpers
  • Owner Operators can book loads with the click of a button
  • Drivers can upload PODs for each load
  • Seamless communication with dispatch
  • Load history and financial reports
  • Streamlined load board
  • Find loads faster than ever
  • Track and locate trucks
  • Quick and easy freight factoring
  • Upload bill of lading
  • Ensure DOT compliance and pass audits 

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