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2024 Trucking Business Trends: What’s In & What’s Out?

In the dynamic world of trucking, staying ahead requires not just adaptation but innovation. As we step into a new year, Alvys’ TMS continues to transform the way businesses navigate their supply chain. So what’s ‘in’ and ‘out’ this year in trucking according to the Alvys team?

Ins: Empowering Your Trucking Business

  • 100+ Built-in Integrations: Alvys doesn’t just connect; it integrates seamlessly with over 100 platforms, putting all the tools you need in one place.
  • Native EDI = High Shipper Scorecards: Alvys’ native EDI ensures fast and secure data exchange for you and your shippers. This improves your shipper scorecards and helps you to build trust and reliability in your network.
  • Increased Efficiency with Automatic Features: Alvys takes the manual labor out of logistics. Automatic features like automatic load creation, load alerts, safety alerts, and e-checks streamline processes and reduce human error giving you and your team more time to focus on growth and strategy.
  • Real-Time Visibility of All Loads: Experience the power of real-time insights. Alvys provides a bird’s-eye view of all your loads, offering transparency crucial for making informed decisions on the road. And! You can send a custom-branded URL to all of your customers, so they can track their load in real time.  
  • One-Click Accounting with Approval Processing: Say goodbye to inconvenient accounting processes. Alvys simplifies accounting for the trucking industry – putting financial control back in your hands.
  • Steady Increase in Load Volume with Seamless Workflows: Alvys isn’t just a system; it’s a catalyst for growth. Our customers on average increase their load volume by 22% after just 4 months with Alvys.
  • Easy Onboarding: We at Alvys believe in the power of firsthand experience. Sign up and witness the simplicity of our onboarding. Our friendly and skilled Customer Success team makes the transition to Alvys a breeze, and they are always available to help.

Outs: Eliminating Hassles from Your Logistics

  • Switching Between Multiple Platforms: Who isn’t sick of having at least 5 different software for every load function? Alvys brings integration to the forefront, eliminating the need to juggle between multiple platforms and providing a unified experience.
  • Paying 3rd Party EDI Companies and Still Having Problems: Why even bother having a TMS if you’re constantly having to swap to other software and hire third parties to build EDI connections to your shippers? That doesn’t sound like a software that does much transportation management to us! Alvys removes the middleman and ensures direct and seamless communication between you and your shipper.
  • Manually Entering E-Checks and Double-Entry: Manual data entry is a thing of the past. All that time wasted typing things up all day can be used to network and find new lanes and improve your business. With Alvys’ elimination of double-entry and automatic features, you reduce the risk of errors and improve accuracy so you can have the confidence to check one thing off your list!
  • Having to Call Drivers for the Status of Loads: Real-time visibility means no more check calls. Alvys keeps you informed, creating better communication with drivers. And! Alvys has a Driver Mobile App that truck drivers actually like!
  • Losing Time and Money to Errors: Alvys is your shield against errors. The TMS platform automatically scans for any loads that might be in trouble and alerts your staff to pay attention to those loads. By automating processes and ensuring real-time visibility, we minimize the risks associated with manual intervention. 
  • Losing Out on Loads Due to Disorganization: Disorganization is the enemy of growth. Alvys’ workflows and integrated approach pave the way for a steady increase in load volume, eliminating the chaos of disorganization.
  • Hidden Onboarding Fees: Alvys believes in transparency. Bid farewell to hidden onboarding fees and experience a straightforward, cost-effective onboarding process.

Alvys isn’t just a TMS, it’s a game-changer. We want to say hello to the “ins” and continue our commitment to eliminating the “outs” for you! Alvys is your ally in forming a prosperous and efficient freight company. Embrace the future of logistics with Alvys, where innovation meets reliability.

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