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What It’s Like Being a Freight Coordinator: Deliveries

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Making a Delivery If pickups are the most stressful times in the freight journey, deliveries are a close number two. Heck, they might be more stressful than the pickups. As a freight coordinator, deliveries can make or break you. The worst experience I ever had with a delivery involved

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How to Become a Freight Broker: A Comprehensive Guide

Written by Paul-Bernard Jaroslawski at FreightCaviar. A 14-Rule Comprehensive Guide That Will Help You Become a Full-Time Freight Broker Right now, I am going to share with you the steps and tips that are going to help you to become a freight broker. You might have questions about how the process works. Is it difficult

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What It’s Like Being a Freight Coordinator: Scheduling Pickups

The Pain of Scheduling Pickups In a past life, I worked as a 3PL freight coordinator, mainly on the LTL side. Even though I usually handled smaller shipments than FTL, I found many of the same pain points applied across the board. One of the biggest sources of frustration for everyone involved is scheduling pickups.

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Automated Load Status – Do You Really Want It?

Written By: Domenic Leo, Vice President of Growth at Alvys Of course you want it. We always want real time data – it helps us communicate to our customers and allows our dispatchers time to focus on more important tasks. But, how do we get this information automatically? That’s where geofencing comes into play. It

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5 Strange Trucker Stories

Spooky and Unsettling Late Night Drives Truck drivers have the best stories. From funny to down right spooky and everything in between. If you’ve ever driven down a long stretch of road at 2AM, or slept at a truck stop in the wrong part of town, you know these stories can get rather… interesting. And

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