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What does it do?

Alvys’ new integration with PC Miler enables the creation of Mileage Profiles seamlessly, at no additional cost. This integration is designed to enhance transportation management by ensuring accurate tracking of mileage. Here’s what the integration offers:

Precise Cost Analysis: Accurate mileage tracking helps in determining exact transportation costs, enabling better financial planning and budgeting.

Regulatory Compliance: It ensures that your mileage reporting aligns with regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Optimized Route Planning: With precise mileage data, you can plan routes that are more fuel-efficient, saving both time and money.

Strategic Decision-Making: Reliable mileage information supports data-driven decisions, helping you optimize your transportation operations and strategies.

Mileage Profiles Creation: Easily create and manage mileage profiles directly within the Alvys platform.

User-Friendly Interface: The integration is designed to be intuitive, making it easy to incorporate into your existing workflow.

Important note:
Alvys does not currently support Co-Pilot integration. The focus of this update is on providing robust mileage tracking through PC Miler.

How to Set Up the Integration

Step 1: Get API Credentials
If you are not already a customer of PC Miler, you will need to reach out to Alvys to request API credentials on your behalf.

If you are already a customer of PC Miler, you can set up the integration using your existing credentials.

Step 2: Access the Integration in Alvys
  • Log In to Alvys: Use your credentials to log in to the Alvys platform.
  • Navigate to Integrations: Go to the integrations section in your dashboard within the Management tab.

Step 3: Enter API Credentials

Input Credentials & Enable Settings: Enter your API credentials into the designated fields within the Alvys platform and enable the settings.

Step 4: Set Up Mileage Profiles

Alvys now allows tenants to create Mileage Profiles based on PC Miler integration, which define parameters for mileage calculations to be configured to suit the tenant’s needs.

Create Mileage Profiles

To create a Mileage Profile, the user should select the appropriate option in the Management profile/Settings/Mileage Profiles, enter a name for the Mileage Profile that will be easy for the user to select from the list of existing Mileage Profiles, configure all the necessary parameters and save it.
List of configurable parameters for creating a PC Miler Mileage Profile:

  • Routing Type (one of Practical, Shortest, Fastest)
  • Toll Roads (one of Always Avoid, Avoid if Possible, Allow)
  • Borders Open (Yes/No)
  • Use Traffic(Yes/No) – for Dispatch Mileage only
  • HazMat Types(multiple selection None, General, Caustic, Explosives, Flammable, Inhalants, Radioactive, HarmfulToWater, Tunnel)
Note: for more info watch video here.

Updating Default Mileage Calculation Settings

After setting up the PC Miler integration, you must change the default mileage calculation setting from HereMaps to PC Miler to take full advantage of the new features. Follow the steps below to update your settings and configure your mileage profiles:

Steps to Change Default Settings

  • Navigate to the Management Tab: Log in to your Alvys account and go to the Management tab and select the correct subsidiary.
  • Access Settings: Under the Management tab, find and click on Settings.
  • Locate Mileage Profiles: Change the default mileage calculation setting from HereMaps to PC Miler.
  • Select PC Miler: Change the default mileage calculation setting from HereMaps to PC Miler.
  • Save Changes: Ensure you save the changes to apply the new default setting.
Note: for more info watch video here.

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