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Igor Balroda

Skyline Transportation

The thing we love about Alvys is having all the info at hand. If a broker calls or someone needs to know about a load, I don't have to open a bunch of different tabs. I can open Alvys and see all the details.

Victoria Condratiuc

TVA Logistics

Alvys has saved our dispatchers roughly 30 minutes per load on average… TVA has 19 dispatchers that dispatch about 6 trucks a day. Our daily working time for dispatching our fleet went from 3,420 minutes down to 114 minutes just by using Alvys. That is a 97% reduction in dispatching time alone, which we save and use in other areas to keep scaling!

Maria Smith

Archerhub Brokerage

Alvys is by far the greatest tool to use when in need of documentations like BOL, POD, or anything pertinent to a load in an instant. I highly recommend this technology if you want to improve your process and most importantly, your bottom line. Thank you Alvys!