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See why this $50M 
asset-based brokerage ditched their legacy TMS:

Their overly expensive, legacy TMS was slowing down their operations and draining their resources, costing them the ability to scale effectively.

Alvys enhanced visibility and connection across their companies, reduced costs, and eliminated fees for users, business divisions, and integrations. Double Diamond Transport and Tanager Logistics accelerated their growth to over 100 trucks and an annual revenue of $50 million.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a five-truck fleet or a hundred-truck fleet. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small brokerage or a large brokerage. The scalability of this platform is something that’s going to provide you the ability and the capabilities that you need within one platform.

Adam Blanchard

Double Diamond Transportation & Tanager Logistics

Company Type:

Hybrid (Carrier + Broker)


San Antonio, TX

Company Size:

100+ trucks; 50 mil ARR


Double Diamond Transport and Tanager Logistics, a hybrid brokerage and trucking company with a combined annual revenue of $50 million, faced numerous challenges with their previous legacy transportation management system (TMS). Inefficient operations, lack of visibility and integrations, and excessive costs hindered their ability to scale and provide top-notch service to customers. 

Alvys TMS streamlined their operations and propelled growth with superior tech, simple pricing, and excellent support.

Results with Alvys TMS:


on time delivery rate

“I’ve always been a big believer of ‘staying in your lane,’ you know? I don’t want to be a software development company – I want to be a trucking company and a freight brokerage.

So finding a good partner like Alvys is hugely important, because it affords us the ability to focus on what we do best. Then, we’re driving efficiencies with technological capabilities equal to those of our large competitors while being able to focus on what we do day-in and day-out.”

Adam Blanchard, Co-Founder & CEO

John Bejin

Director of Operations

“Alvys has gone out of its way to develop this platform for freight people, by freight people.

When you’re talking to the development team, it’s like you’re talking to freight people. It’s freight people who understand what we’re doing on a day-to-day basis and what our needs are.

Adam Blanchard

Co-founder & CEO

“When we looked at Alvys, there was just no question that this is on the forefront of transportation management software in our industry.

Alvys is giving us everything we need in one platform that’s cloud-based, that anybody can work in in a very intuitive manner.”

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“Really what Alvys has provided us, is the ability to have our team seeing what the needs are for each company and to be able to bring that into one platform.

We have all the information for every single load, for every single account, all in one pane of glass. With extensive growth comes a lot of pain points and now Alvys is giving us that capability to take us from $50 million to $100 million.”

Adam Blanchard

They had to use (and pay for) two separate TMSs for the brokerage and carrier divisions of their company. This doubled costs and made managing both businesses less efficient.

With Alvys TMS, Double Diamond Transport and Tanager Logistics now manage and oversee both businesses on one platform with one subscription.

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