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Principal Software Engineer

San Diego/California/ US Remote

As a software engineer at Alvys, you will develop and operate a SaaS platform for freight transportation logistics. Your work will reduce repetitive tasks, increase productivity, and create overall efficiencies in the movement of physical goods. This is a full-time, long-term role at an ambitious, early stage company. As such, it will require you to wear multiple hats, think creatively, adapt and navigate unfamiliar terrain.

Principal Sofware Engineer Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with cloud-based distributed systems, including system design, implementation and production operation.
  • Experience with parallel & concurrent programming, including an understanding of the tradeoffs between state consistency models, throughput & latency, asynchrony & synchrony.
  • An understanding of memory models and GC with ability to troubleshoot performance issues.
  • An understanding of domain modeling with the artifacts used for both implementation and documentation.
  • Ability to analyze and react to operational metrics (throughput, latency, error rate, queue depth, memory utilization, etc).
  • Willingness to learn a complex domain, model apply sophisticated engineering techniques, and operate as part of a team.
  • Experience with our tech stack is appreciated, but not required.
  • Kind, smart, gets things done.

Principal Software Engineer Responsabilities:

  • Development: develop features and infrastructure components for the platform in order alongside the rest of the engineering team to distill patterns and reusable building blocks.
  • Operations: monitor the platform in production, respond to alerts, debug and manage incidents, develop best-practices.
  • Communication: communicate development status, requirements, technical specifications, proposals, best practices, both in written and verbal form.
  • Engineering Excellence: facilitate engineering excellence across the team, including code quality, testing, system architecture, performance & reliability, capacity planning.
  • Mentorship: in addition to their own responsibilities, principal engineers are expected to help the rest of the team in the form of code reviews, documentation, best practices, etc.

Tech Stack

  • Azure: we are cloud native, no on-premise or infrastructure.
  • .NET/C#: back-end systems are written in C#.
  • CosmosDB: our source-of-truth datastore and event log.
  • Cognitive Search: used for search and reporting functions.
  • Blobs, Tables, Queues: used for document storage as well as caches of external data.
  • Functions, Logic Apps: simple automation tasks.
  • JavaScript/TypeScript/Angular: Web UI/UX.
  • Dart/Flutter: Native UI/UX.
  • Azure Monitor & Application Insights: system and infrastructure monitoring and alerting.
  • Integrations: hundreds integrations with various types of services, including geo-location, ELD, mapping, routing, as well as partner companies such as shippers, brokers, etc.


Transportation is a complex domain with many moving parts, lacking automation and standardization. The US freight industry at a glance:

  • $800B in annual revenue
  • $15T worth of goods moved, $12T by truck
  • Fragmentation ~400,000 carriers, 96% with fewer than 6 trucks, 99% with fewer than 100

These carriers have been overlooked by technology companies and lack the tools they need to do their jobs.

About Alvys

Alvys is on a mission to make transportation logistics companies more efficient. We believe this requires two things 1) hands-on experience in the industry – so what we know what to build, and 2) world-class technical vision – so that we know how to build it. Originally built to support a freight brokerage, Alvys has evolved into a mission-critical multi-tenant SaaS platform used by transportation companies every day to run their businesses.


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