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DAT – Rate Sharing [, 4 min. read]

What does it do?

DAT is offering a discount and additional value to Carriers and Brokers that share rates with them via automated daily submissions. Alvys currently generates this report once a day at a set time around 9:00 AM UTC (as long as there are loads that have been invoiced the previous day) and sends data to DAT via FTP for Subsidiaries who have the DAT Rate Sharing activated in Alvys.

How it works?

Please reach out to your DAT Sales Rep and request the necessary credentials for the FTP Submission. Each tenant subsidiary will have their own account ID:

  • DAT Account email (the email address of your main DAT account)
  • DAT Account ID
  • FTP Username (will be provided by DAT)
  • FTP Password (will be provided by DAT)

The tenant enables DAT Rate Sharing integration by adding their credentials at the Subsidiary level and adding the required settings.

Image 1: DAT Rate Sharing Integration Settings – Credentials
Image 2: DAT Rate Sharing Integration Settings – Sharing Settings
Image 3: DAT Rate Sharing Integration – Activated

The automatic mode runs daily to create a file in a strict format and it is sent to DAT.

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