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Request Detention Email [, 5 min. read]

What Is It?

With this feature, users can easily send emails to customers requesting payment for detentions.


A “Stop” button is available during trips. Clicking on it opens an email window that contains the arrival and departure times at that particular stop.

Setting Default Emails for Detention

The email window that opens when the Request Detention button is clicked, pulls default emails from the Email Management section on the company profile.

Navigate to the Management page and click the Email tab

For Detention, enter values for each field: From, To, CC.

Default: email will come from
User: email will come from the user’s email address on Alvys
Custom: user can enter a custom email address

Sending Detention Request Emails

Once the driver has checked out at a stop (or a stop has been marked as Pickup or Empty) the Request Detention button becomes available.

Click the Request Detention button. This opens the email window.

The Total time spent at location is the difference between in arrival and departure times, displayed in the format HH:MM

From: Detention From email from Email Management of the Invoice As subsidiary
To: [Customer Ops Team Email], [Detention To email from Email Management of the Invoice As subsidiary]
CC: [Detention CC email from Email Management of the Invoice As subsidiary]

Enter the amount and make any other adjustments necessary.

Select any necessary attachments.

Click Send Email.

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