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Paystub Layout Templates [, 1 min. read]

What Is It?

Alvys offers a few layouts for the design of the driver paystubs. Tenants are able to choose which layout they would like to use for their driver statements.

Selecting a Layout

Navigate to the and scroll to the end of the General Info tab for the Driver Paystub Templates section.

To preview the layout, click the eye icon. To select a layout, click the tick icon. The active layout is indicated by a green card and green eye icon as showed with Layout 1 in the screenshot below. The preferred layout can be changed at any time.

Click the tick icon to select the preferred layout.

Click Yes on the confirmation screen to confirm layout selection. After the active layout will be indicated with a green card and green eye icon.

Paystubs generated for Driver, Owner Operator or Truck will use the selected layout.

Generating Paystubs with selected Layout

The process of generating paystubs for either a driver, owner operator or truck, remains unchanged. The system will check in the background which layout is active, and use it to generate the paystub.

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