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Invoice Workflow [, 2 min. read]

Invoicing methods

Individual: One load per invoice. Multiple line items from the load are represented on the invoice.
Summary: One or MORE loads per invoice. Line items from a load are represented as columns on a Summary Invoice. Loads become the line items in a Summary Invoice. Also, Summary Invoices include subtotals of each column as well as the total of all columns. It provides an overview of several transactions, usually over a defined period, such as a week, month, or quarter.

There are now multiple Invoicing Methods to choose from. Those being:

  • EDI
  • Email
  • Factoring
  • Online systems
  • Originals

Clicking Generate Invoice (based off of individual customer settings) will determine whether a supplemental invoice or amendment will be issued to the existing invoice

One button – Two locations

Provided on the Load page and the Invoicing page

Generating Invoices

This option is only available when the load status is Released.

When creating an invoice, the Order number will be used as the Invoice number. The invoice will automatically update after its been initially run.

Regenerating Invoices

In order to regenerate an invoice the load must be in Queued, Invoiced, Financed, or Payment Discrepancy status.

Submitting an Invoice

Submitting an invoice is only available when the load is in Queued status. If there are any uncommitted/unsaved changes to the load and invoice will not be able to be resubmitted.

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