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Driver Pay Improvements [, 2 min. read]

Statement Date


Most companies pay all drivers on the same date. It can be frustrating to the user to have to set the same date for every driver.

The solution is the new date field in the top left corner with the other filters, which will serve as the statement date for all driver statements generated from the driver pay page. When this updated, it updates for all drivers.

This will allows users to manually set the Statement Date on a single drivers’ statement, without changing it for the rest of them.

Cutoff Date

As requested, users now have the ability to set a Cutoff Date which serves as a filter to only display items that have an actual delivery date (DateDelivered), that is ON or BEFORE the cutoff date (DateTonu). If a trip is TONU, then the cut off date should apply to the TONU date. This filter parameter would be combined with existing parameters to determine which items are populated and selected for each driver when viewed.

Default Selection

Once the Cutoff Date filter is implemented, it recognizes that the user would want all items (trips, deductions, reimbursements, credits, taxes) to be selected by default, and only to be deselected by manual override.

UI Changes – Driver Pay

  • 1. Added a “Statement Date” field to the top left panel
  • 2. Added a “Cutoff Date” field to the top left panel
  • 3. Added a Select All button for deductions/reimbursements section, just as exists for trips section
  • 4. Summary box (top right of page, AND bottom of page) would include total hours for drivers who have hourly pay
  • 5. Hid the ‘Taxes’ section for all non-W2 drivers

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