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Aging Report [, 7 min. read]


An Aging invoice, also known as an accounts receivable aging report provides a summary of the outstanding customer invoices and the duration for which they have been unpaid. This feature is used by tenants to track and manage their accounts receivable, which represents the money owed to them by customers for loads that were invoiced.

Accessing the Aging Report

The aging report page can be accessed by navigating to Accounting>Aging Report.

Aging Report Components

The aging report categorizes the outstanding invoices into different time periods:

  • Current (< 30 days) - Invoices that are 1 to 29 days past due

  • 30 Days (≥ 30 days < 60 days) - Invoices that are 30 to 59 days past due

  • 60 Days (≥ 60 days < 90 days) - Invoices that are 60 to 89 days past due

  • 90 Days (≥ 90 days) – Invoices that are 90 or more days days past due

Each category displays the total amount of invoices and the total amount for that period.

Combined search

Below the categories, there is a combined search which allows the user to search for a customer by entering the customer name or by selecting from the list of customers shown.

option 1: Search for a customer by entering the customer name

option 2: Select from the list of customers shown

To the right of the combined search, there are stats being shown for all the periods combined:

  • Total unpaid invoices across all periods
  • Total amount across all periods

The Aging report table

Below the combined search and total stats (across all the the periods) there is a aging report table which displays details regarding loads that were invoiced.

At the footer of the table the period total is shown. If a user selects a customer or individual load, additional details such as the number of loads selected and the selected total will be shown.

A user can right click on a customer, and select “open customer in new tab” to view the customer profile. A user can also view the details of a load by right clicking on the load and select “Open Load in New Tab”.

Filters can be applied to any column in the aging report table.

Operations of the Aging Report

The Aging report has two (2) main functions:

  • Resend Invoices
  • Send payment Reminders

Resend Invoices

The user can resend one or more invoices that was previously sent, to one or more customers. To resend invoices, select the individual loads or the customers and click the “Resend Invoice” button. The invoice will be sent to the customer’s billing email address along with the invoicing documents that are set on the customers profile.

When an invoice has been successfully sent, the count of sent invoices increases for the load that was resent.

Invoices will not be resent for loads with customers using Factoring, Online System and Originals. The Billing flow for these loads does not include sending invoices via emails. This does not apply to sending payment reminders. Once a billing email is set on the customer’s profile, Payment reminders can be sent to that customer regardless of the invoicing method on the load

Send payment Reminders

The user can send payment reminders to one or more customers. To send a payment reminder select the indivdual loads or the customers and click the “Send Payment Reminder” button. The payment reminder will be sent to the customer’s billing email address.

When a payment reminder was successfully sent, the payment sent count increases for the load/loads that the payment reminder was sent for.

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