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JOC – Inland Distribution 2022 – Interview with Nick Darman

The Journal of Commerce (JOC) Inland Distribution conference is a gathering place for all things logistics. Starting at imports and exports, the Inland Distribution conference covers intermodal rail, trucking, and other modes of transportation. This gathering is meant to bring the minds of the logistics world together under one roof to discuss problems within the supply chain and present solutions so the industry can adapt and grow.

COVID-19 brought on shortages of labor that reverberated throughout the supply chain causing issues for shippers and transportation companies. Now we are dealing with international war and inflation beckoning us to find creative solutions to supply chain problems more than ever.

Alvys attended the conference to discuss these problems and provide solutions. Our Founder and CEO, Nick Darman, sat down with Alessandra Barrett of JOC, and gave his insight on the industry. They discussed technology in supply chain and the benefits it can have. Specifically they dove into how carriers are overlooked and if we can help transform carriers, we can transform the industry as a whole. Watch the full interview below:

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